Telescope WINTER 1-m / 39-inch Planewave CDK
Field of View 1.14 square degree (1.02 sq. deg with outages)
Detectors 6 Boards (Star A/B/C, Port A/B/C): Teledyne FLIR AP1020 Rev B0 1920 x 1080 pixels
Pixel Size 15 micron
Pixel Scale 1.11"/pixel
Delivered Image Quality 2.3-3.6" FWHM (Range of Medians; Varies by Board)
Exposure Time (Fiducial) 120s x 8 dithers
Readout Time (Typ.) <1 sec
Median Overhead for Slew and Settle Time 5s (Adjacent), 70s (Large Slews)
Median Single Visit Depth (J-band) 18.5 (Port A), 18.5 (Port B), 19.3 (Port C), 18.6 (Star A), 17.6 (Star B), 18.5  (Star C)
Filters MKO Y, J, Hs (shortened MKO H-band with 1.7 micron cutoff)